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Therapy summer camp

Discover the Manœuvre Day Camp which will take place in july and which is specially dedicated to youth living with cerebral palsy.

Camp Manœuvre

Most everyday activities require us to use both hands in a coordinated manner. The impairment of the movement and sensations of the arms therefore have a significant impact on the daily life of youth living with cerebral palsy. It has already been shown that intensive bimanual intervention can improve the movement of the arms, but its impact on the spontaneous use of the most affected arm in everyday life remains to be established.



Objectives of the camp

  • Understand the impacts of intensive bimanual therapy on arm motor skills.
  • Understand the impact of this therapy on the use of the most affected arm in daily life.
  • Understand the clinical profile of youth who benefit most from the intervention.

The camp

The intervention consists of a day camp, where a small group of participants will be stimulated (one worker per child) to do activities using both hands 6 hours/day for 10 days. The use of more accurate measurements of arm movement and sensations using robotic systems will clarify the relationship between measures of brain function and clinical improvements, to better understand the significant variability in response to interventions.

Who can participate?

The summer camp is open to children and teenagers aged 7 to 17, living with cerebral palsy.

To participate your child must:

  • The predominant movement of one arm is affected.
  • Be able to understand and practice instructions.
  • Have not received botox injection in the 4 months preceding the camp.

For more information (available in french only): Discover the offical brochure (PDF.2,85Mo)